Precast Concrete

UFP Concrete Forming Solutions is a leading supplier to the precast concrete construction industry in the United States.

Precast Concrete

UFP Concrete Forming Solutions is a leading supplier to the precast concrete industry in the US. We work with architectural and structural precast companies, cast stone manufacturers, and producers of essential concrete products. Our focus includes the water, communications, transportation, and energy sectors.

Customer Needs

Precast construction companies turn to UFP Concrete Forming Solutions when they:

  • Have a current supplier is not prioritizing precast concrete industry.
  • Looking for high-quality lumber and plywood supplier for architectural precast.
  • Need a single supplier for lumber and custom forms on a local, regional, and national level.
  • Unable to source all wood-based products from one supplier.
  • They have high freight and handling costs for insulation for sandwich panel system.
  • They have complex projects require CNC routing.
  • Unable to source reveal strips and custom rustication locally.
  • Are accumulating waste due to trimming/cutting materials from traditional suppliers.

Why Choose Us:

We are dedicated to improving the supply chain of the precast concrete industry. We provide insight to our customers on how making informed decisions on lumber, plywood, and construction methods can drive efficiency in their operations and put money back to their bottom line.

UFP Concrete Forming Solutions has become the leading supplier to the precast concrete construction industry because…

  • We produce custom lumber and plywood sizes for minimal waste.
  • Our leadership and sales team focuses on precast industry improvement.
  • We collaborate with a network of precast companies for best practices.
  • We innovate with solutions like the X-Pin for sandwich panel manufacturing.
  • We provide intricate formwork and non-wood materials for specialty products.
  • We offer mixed truckloads of lumber and custom formwork for convenience.

Ready to work with us?

If you are new to us, visit our locations page and find your nearest facility and give them a call, our customer-focused team will get you on the right path!

Featured Product: X-PIN

Missoula, Montana

When our customers informed us they wanted a new solution for concrete sandwich panel connection systems, we listened and took action.

Supply chain inefficiencies of traditional connection systems burden precast companies with unnecessary costs. Once delivered, these systems require significant labor expenses to prep insulation panels for installation, generate significant waste that costs them even more money to haul off, and the connectors themselves are difficult to install. UFP’s fiberglass X-Pin connection system provides a solution to each of those costly pain points.

Don’t just take our word for it; take a few moments and listen to how X-Pin is increasing productivity and profitability for Missoula Concrete Construction, a long standing industry leader in the fabrication of insulated concrete sandwich panels.